And so it begins

Today I woke up inspired and ready to begin the planning process for my Appalachian Trail 2014 thru-hike. I am currently a senior in my university’s Creative Writing program and will begin my Northbound adventure next March.

I think it started with National Geographic documentaries and PBS specials back in 2010. Right away, I was inspired to explore the East portion of my country and become acquainted with terrain I had always overlooked. My boyfriend Lucas and I have set this goal together–the trail has been of interest to him for the past five years.  Summer/fall 2012 he backpacked through Israel, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, etc. for approximately four months. When he returned to his hometown after numerous nights of sleeping in a hammock, and our communication picked up, I told him about my vague plans of the hike. Long story short, AT partners turned into a relationship and here we are, at the beginning stages of preparation!

Rock climbing 3-4 years in a family-sized Florida community brought upon a growing passion in both of us;  to reconnect with nature and enjoy the mountains, the woods, boulders, trails, and lakes for what they are and in their natural form. I am energized by every exposure to the outdoors. As a Boy Scout (I used to be a part of the coed program called Venture Crew) I am also concerned with the preservation of the land and live by the principle Leave No Trace Behind. My goal is to become integrated into a natural environment opposed to inhabiting the land. I also want to help others experience this sense of connectedness as well.

I cannot promise you any deep insight into the meaning of life, or what we can do to change the world, but I can share with you my passion for nature and document our journey along the way.


7 thoughts on “And so it begins

  1. Montana (I’ve never written to a state before but I have written to many states of mind!) When are you walking? What date would you start? I’m thinking April is a bit early. However; let the rugged go forth!

    • We plan on starting sometime early (ish) in March. We have a pseudo deadline of 5 months in mind. Moving quickly, but plenty of cushion time to explore the towns a bit or make our way down a few of the side trails. A cold start, yes, but worth it for the amazing Spring, Summer and early Fall views of the north, I’m thinking.

  2. Where in Florida did you and your boyfriend used to live? I am currently in Southeast Asia but I really reside in Tampa Florida. I used to go to Vertical Ventures climbing gym in Tampa and On The Edge climbing gym in Melbourne.

      • That’s wonderful! The last time was about 8 months ago. But I will be returning to the United States in May, so I will be climbing both gyms again soon, as well as my usual outdoor climbing areas in Tennessee, NC, Georgia and Kentucky. Goodluck on your travels!

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