Appalachian Trail (2014)

Cook set

Below you’ll find a list of various blog posts that were created in 2013-2014 about my time preparing for and then hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Part I: Preparation

4/2/13: And so It Begins 

4/4/13: Planning the Planning Process

7/16/13:  How to Train for Hikes in Florida

1/13/14: How to Make a Camp Stove for Under $5

1/23/14: Backpacking Nutrition 

1/31/14: Appalachian Trail Food

2/25/14: Thru-Hiker Trail Mix

3/10/14: Gear List


Part II: Appalachian Trials

During my thru-hike, I was a featured blogger for the website Appalachian Trials.

2/28/14: Hello from Montana

3/10/14: If These Videos don’t Inspire You to Thru-hike, Then Nothing Will 

3/12/14: Life Transitions & Uncertainty 

3/25/14: Update #1: Bear, BBQ, and Body Aches

4/17/14: Update #2: Leaky Tent, Creaky Tree, and Too Few Calories 

5/3/14: Story #1: I Want to Be Tough as Nails

6/20/14: Update #3: On and Off the Trail Adventure

7/8/14: Story #2: Two Toenails down, 500 Miles to Go

9/6/14: Update #4: We Made It to Mt. Katahdin!?!


Part III: Post Trail Insight & Reflection

6/2/14: Gear Review: Salewa Wildfire Approach Shoes

11/9/14: Insight on a Frugal Thru-hike

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